noun “Frequently Asked Questions”, a section that contains all the answers to the most frequently asked questions. You will quickly become a K-IP expert!

noun Communication technology used between the phone and the K-IP. Bluetooth allows you to have more information about your K-IP which is seen on the app. Bluetooth also allows you to relay your GPS positions through the GSM network of your phone.

noun Process that allows your K-IP to always be up to date and at the forefront of our development, to never stop improving! Procedure performed via the K-IP app.  

noun Maximum of 3 loved ones selected by you. They will automatically receive your distress alerts in INCOGNITO outing mode. In LIFELINE mode, they will be chosen by default and can be deselected if needed.

noun Person added to your contacts. When chosen for a LIFELINE outing, this person will be able to see your live positions and receive your distress alerts.

noun A light source on the front of your K-IP. The LED colors give information about the K-IP for easy and optimal use. It lights up in blue, red, purple, and white depending on the situation.