No, your K-IP is big and strong and works wonderfully without a phone! During these autonomous outings, your K-IP will communicate using Sigfox and LoRA in areas where these networks are available. (Warning, the activation of your K-IP is mandatory before any use. You will need a phone to activate the beacon during this procedure. To do so, create an account on your K-IP app and associate your beacon with it. This will activate your K-IP and start the included 2 year subscription).

As a reminder, doing an outing in INCOGNITO mode does not require the K-IP app, nor your phone. To go out using this mode, turn on your K-IP and go! While there is no live tracking with INCOGNITO outings, your distress alerts will be relayed to the loved ones (friends and family) you have chosen as favorites in the app*.

You can also go out in LIFELINE mode without your phone: set up your outing, hit go, and leave your phone at home or turn it off. Your live positions and distress alerts will be relayed to the loved ones you have chosen*.

*When Sigfox and LoRa networks are available.