In LIFELINE mode, setting up your outing allows you to give essential information to your loved ones (friends and family). It also allows you to share your GPS locations with them. To do so, open your K-IP app and:

1 | Determine the duration of your outing: This allows them to know at what time you will be back. Your friends and family will know if they need to worry… or let you enjoy the outdoors for a few more hours.
2 | Select your loved ones (friends and family): We respect your privacy, so we only share your location when you want, and only with the people you choose.
3 | Write a short message: This is optional, in case you want to give a little more info about your outing.  

For the INCOGNITO mode, just turn on the K-IP and go! No need to use your phone or set up an outing. (Caution! Before your first outing, you still have to create a K-IP account on the app and associate your K-IP to it in order to activate it.)