When you go out without your phone, your K-IP relies on its capacity to communicate on radio frequencies, on both LoRa and SigFox networks. When used with your phone, in addition to the other networks, the K-IP uses your phone’s GSM network.The frequencies of emissions on all these networks are as follows:

Emission on the LoRa radio network: every 15, 30, or 45 seconds depending on the speed of the beacon’s movement Emission on the Sigfox radio network: every 2.5 minutes Emission in BT on the GSM network: every 20 seconds

With the emission frequency being lower on radio, the number of position points received is more limited. Your trace has a less defined rendering since it links fewer positions together.

This does not affect your ability to be found. Rescue teams connect directly to your K-IP to locate you. This also does not affect the issuance of a distress alert.