It is essential to:

  • Download the K-IP app to create your account.
  • Activate your K-IP by adding it to your account: you will need the QR code on the back of the K-IP as well as the activation code, located in its packaging.
  • Don’t forget to add contacts (loved ones) to your account, so that they can watch over you when you go out. In turn, they will have to download the app, create an account and then accept your invitation. You will then be able to go out in INCOGNITO, LIFELINE or GROUP mode.

The essential steps to go out in INCOGNITO mode:
Turn on your K-IP and go. As simple as that! In this mode, your live positions will not be relayed. Your distress alerts will be relayed to the people you have chosen as favorite loved ones in the app*.

The essential steps to go out in GROUP or LIFELINE mode, turn on your K-IP and go onto the app:
1 | Set up your outing by choosing the correct mode
2 | Press GO
3 | Go out 😉 Once you are back, stop your outing by pressing STOP.

You are K-ONNECTED TO FREEDOM in all scenarios!

*When Sigfox, LoRa and GSM networks are available. For the GSM network specifically, you will need your phone with its Bluetooth enabled.