For Android 11* and lower: For the Bluetooth to work properly and detect your K-IP, you will also need to activate your GPS. Although the K-IP solution does not use your phone’s GPS (but the one included in the beacon), Android requires certain authorisations to perform a permanent Bluetooth scan. These authorisations include the GPS: its activation is therefore mandatory with some brands and versions of Android phones.

For Android 12* and higher: You are no longer obliged to activate your phone’s GPS. However, it is mandatory to autorise the K-IP app’s scan for  “Devices in proximity”. To do this, on your phone, go to “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Authorisation management” -> “Devices in proximity” → find the “K-IP” application → select “Authorise”.

*To find which Android version you have on your phone: Go to “Settings” → “About Phone” → “Android Version”